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Please become a member or sign the vistors page. All comments welcome.  Looking for all that I can get on Maytag Corp.  There is a lot of information out there, looking for what is not published.  Searching for the odd items that they produced.  

A little bit about me.  I am a US Army Soldier stationed in Wisconsin for the Army Reserve in Wausau, WI.  I have been collecting for the past 10 years off an on.  Starting in 2007 I have did more collecting then prior years.  I have been around old engines for about 30 years as my dad collected them.  I have restored more Maytags then I can count. Well off on my next adventure, heading to Korea in May 2013 for a year long tour.  I hope to find some old engines while I'm there.  I thought I seen somewhere that the military used some of the Maytag engines to power signal equipment, so that is my first thing I plan to search for. 

I must say I got my best find in Jan is a Fruit Jar Maytag (Pictures posted). This engine is different from all the others that I have seen online and in person. This one has a two bolt main bearing.  The ones that I have seen have been four bolt main bearing, like the uprights and model 82's. I have been told that this is real rare but it was one that was made by Maytag.  Spoke to a guy that says he has old plans from the factory (waiting to see them).

2010 has been a good Maytag Collecting year....I got two Model 19' with a decal and the other with the caution plate on the starter cover....I got my X-mas gift early it was a Experimental Maytag (picture below), the Flywheel, the main bearing and head are the odd parts on this engine....only part that begins with X is the main bearing....

Well it is 2011 and not much going on as it is colder then a well diggers axx....but I did pick up a twin with a Backlite Air Control is earlier then the one I currently have...I do want to let everyone know that there is going to be a big show in Iowa, here is what I got off SmokStak:

Come join us for the 47th Annual Old Time Power Show on August 19-21, 2011. Antique Acres Janesville, Iowa. Featuring John Deere, Ferguson and Maytag Gas Engines, Related items, Equipment and Memorabillia on Exhibit at the Show!

Guy/Gal's they are looking to make this a big event and are looking for 750-1000 Maytag engines.  I was hoping to attend/show but due to Milatary requirement i will be in El Paso, TX....and finish on the not sure that I could make that 1200 mile trip in one day....I am going to try and make it to the show on Sat 20 Aug 11, as I want to see what everyone has brought to show and meet up with old friends and hopefully make new ones.  I may have my Fruit Jar with me because i do want to show it off.  I am still looking for another one like if anyone know who might have one please email or ping me on here... 

Come back often and see updates and what I have uncovered...

 David Fannon


Longbase Model 92                                      Fruit Jar Maytag 2 Bolt-Main bearing


Quicklift Mower                                         Fruit Jar Engine First Show Edger, WI

Maytag Experimental Engine                      Oilpull Maytag Tractor


 McLean Maytag Tractor                    11 Fin Model 82 Maytag